Inukshuk Assembly

Place the leather mat on a flat surface and begin to balance the rocks to create your own Inukshuk. The image of man is now defined by you, the builder! This rock puzzle can be assembled with as many rocks as you like and you do not have to use all of the rocks. We have included some diagrams below of examples of Inukshuks that you may want to create. Balancing the rocks may take some time. There is no right or wrong way to create your Inukshuk.


Tip #1:
If you are experiencing difficulty balancing the rocks remember that by placing the flat or flattest side of the rock facing up, the next rock you attempt to balance on top will be easier.

Tip #2:
Your Inukshuk is your own creation! There is no right or wrong way to create your Inukshuk!

Tip #3:
Empty out all of the rocks before you begin deciding where in your Inukshuk they should be placed. Remember, you donít have to use all of the rocks and the rocks in your Inukshuk in a Sackģ are not going to be exactly like the drawings in the instructions.

Tip #4:
The largest rock in the sack should be placed somewhere in the middle of your Inukshuk. Once successfully balanced, it is easier to balance more rocks on top of it. Try to use the smallest rocks at the top of your Inukshuk.

Tip #5:
Build your Inukshuk where you want it to be so that you donít have to move it when it is assembled.

Tip #6:
Balance, so vital to our existence on every level, is what you will be exercising while creating your own Inukshuk.

Tip #7:
Enjoy being part of our Canadian Culture!


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